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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

[Newbie Friendly] Make money on Ebay without investment - 300$ per day

Posted By: Rachel Slater - 1:50 AM

Ebay is an eCommerce company selling millions of products. It is a shopping website where people buy and sell products. You can too sell products on eBay without holding a single product. Yes, you heard it right, you will sell products on eBay without owning a single product. I have personally made thousands of dollars on eBay and I will explain all the steps so that you can mimic my success.
Ebay gives free listings to every registered member, so you don't have to invest a single penny.

Ebay makes it really easy to list a product and sell it. There are millions of potential buyers on eBay, ready to buy your product. In this article I will show you how to make money on Ebay without investment.

STEP 1 - Register on Ebay

The very first step is register your account in Ebay. Make sure all the information you are entering is correct or your account may get suspended. I would advise you to register a business name and then make a business account.
Register your business account - Ebay business account

In the next few steps I will explain two things-
1. What to sell?
2. Where to get products to sell at cheapest price?

STEP 2 - What to sell?

To sell large number of units you have to find products which are high in demand. You don't have to be an expert to find out the hot products. I will show you where to find products that are high in demand. Never ever list any product without researching about it's demand. We will get to know the most trending item through Watchcount - http://www.watchcount.com

If you are selling in USA, choose USA option from the drop down list. Check out the 'What's Hot on eBay?' section and you can see the most trending items. It is best to sell these items because they are most searched item and really high in demand. It will also mean that the competition will be tough, so you will be required to keep your profit low. You don't have to own any product and you don't even have to know anything about the product you will sell.

Now you know which product you have to sell. In the next step I will show you where to get the product at cheapest price to ensure maximum profit.

STEP 3 - Where to get products to sell?

There are hundreds of websites from where you can get the products to sell. But most of them list products at higher prices which means you can sell them only with very less profit. You don't have to worry, I will reveal the most secret and underground website which most power sellers use. It's called OVERSTOCK.com 

They have wide variety of products at cheapest possible price and you can charge a good amount of profit on them.

STEP 4 - Choose the best product?

Now you know from where to get the products to sell. Now I will show you how to choose the best products to sell. I will show this with an example. Let's assume we found in Watchcount.com that FujiFilm cameras are high in demand. Now search for Fujifilm cameras on Overstock.com.

We found this camera and the price is 250$. Now search for the exact same model on eBay. You won't believe what we found. Check out the image below. The same camera is selling for 363$. That's a whooping 113$ profit. There are 18 watchers. By now you must got the idea of how much you can make through this business model.

Now you can sell this exact same camera for 280$ and buyers will stand in queue to buy it. You can expect good amount of sales because 1)The item is in demand 2) You are selling it at cheaper price than others.

STEP 4 - Send products to customers

By now you must have found the product you are selling. Now list the items on Ebay. The more items you will list the more sales you will get and the more money you will make. Try to list at least 4-5 products daily. Now I will tell you how to send the product to your customer once they buy it.

Make a Paypal account if you don't have. You need to use Paypal to sell your items on Ebay. It is free, safe and secure.

Now once you have received payment from your customer, now visit overstock.com and buy the product. But your address in billing information and your customer's address in shipping information.

STEP 5 - Listing that sells like hot cakes

To sell a product you will be required to write a convincing description with amazing photos. You don't have to write anything or take pictures. Just copy and paste the description and photos from Overstock.com and paste it in your Ebay listing. Overstock pays large amount of money for pictures and description, so we can assume the photos and description is perfect.

If you have followed all the steps correctly, by now you must have been able to make money on Ebay without investment. Share your success story in the comments section below. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

How to rank your videos on first page of Google in 3 days exact

Posted By: Rachel Slater - 12:57 AM

Video Marketing is the latest trend going on and thousands (read millions) of people are making thousands of dollars from it. Lot's of tutorials showing how to rank videos but almost all of them are missing few tips and tricks that could boost up your video rankings and make it on top of the Google search results in 3 days exact. Yes! In only three days you can rank your Youtube videos on page 1 with medium to high competition.

In this tutorial I will show you how to rank Youtube videos in 3 days .Follow all the steps step by step and see the results.

STEP 1 - Create a Video

You need a video to rank it. So pick your camera (or mobile), and start recording. It need not have to be professional. A basic video will work too. No need to put your keywords in the video because Youtube can not read your videos (yup!Youtube still can't read). If you are marketing a product or service, you can create a video in Camtasia Studio or Windows movie maker. I prefer Camtasia because there are lots of options and features which will make your video super exciting and it is pretty easy to do. You can also record your screen using Camtasia.

Don't have any time to make a video? There is always a solution called Fiverr. There are lots of sellers who can make a professional video for just 5$ (I am not kidding!).

I always use this seller when I am in need of a video. They are twins and they make amazing videos. Here is the link to the seller : TheadTwins


STEP 2 - Keyword Research and Niche Selection

You need to research about the keywords you want to rank your video on. Initially it would be best to select keywords with less than 10,000 hits. It would be easy to rank your video on first page of google if the competition is less. I will show you exactly how to select best keywords that would surely improve your videos rankings and number of hits. This is the most important step and make sure you don't miss this step.

The best tool to use for your keyword research is Google Keyword Planner. Create your account, sign in and you are ready to go. It is completely free and easy to use.

Enter your keyword, choose category relevant to your niche and hit 'Get ideas'. Pretty easy isn't it?
You will get a list of keywords with Average monthly searches on right side. It is best to choose the keyword with less than 10 thousand list. You will also get list of keyword ideas with addition to the avg monthly searches. Sweet! It would be best to pick up 5 long tail keywords with 5,000- 8,000 monthly hits.

STEP 3 - Content Optimization

Make sure you have your video and keywords ready before continuing with this step. You can always bookmark this article and come back again when everything is set up.
Go to Youtube and start uploading your video - www.youtube.com/upload

Enter your main keyword in the title with some additional information like 'step by step tutorial', 'exclusive', etc. Enter your website/affiliate link on the first line of description and write a 200-300 word unique article below it. Make sure the article and completely unique and stuff it with your main keyword 3 times and other additional 4 keywords.
Again enter your website link below the article and your main keyword. Don't write your keyword more than 7-8 times or your video will never rank.

In the tags section, write your main tag followed by 4 other long tail tags. Always use your main keyword as the first tag, It will definitely boost up your rankings.

STEP 4 - Rank your video + traffic

The most exciting part - rank your video on Google. To rank our video we need to increase the view counter to somewhere between 400-1000. I will show you the exact steps to get thousands of organic views that will boost up your rankings.

Again this problem will be solved by Fiverr. There are hundreds of sellers selling real views and backlinks. It will not be fake bot traffic but real people watching your video. You will be required to buy 2 gigs that will cost you only 10$.

Check out the below gig: 2000+ real views for just 5$. Here's the link to the seller : YoungCeaser

Another gig you have to buy is 'Manula video submission to 30 high ranking websites'  Again it is just 5$ and definitely worth buying. Here's the link - Imgenius33

Short on cash? No worries, I will show you a free way to get large number of real views. Go to Vagex.com , register your account and start watching other videos to get some credits. You can redeem those credits to get views on your Youtube video. Still I would recommend buying those 2 gigs, because it will save your time and you will get many times more views.

STEP 5 - Promotion and Link juice

Let's get your videos in front of millions of people. Yes, I am talking about social networking sites. There are millions of members on these social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and even a fraction of traffic from these sites can get you thousands of views.
If you own a website, embed your video on your site.

Here's the list of social networking sites you can post your video on:
1. Facebook
2. Twitter
3. Tumblr
4. Myspace
5. Pinterest

Now, bookmark your video on social bookmarking sites. Here's a free tool that will save a lot of your time- /www.socialmarker.com
Just enter Title, your video link ,tags and click submit. It will automatically bookmark your video on top 11 bookmarking websites. I am in love with this tool.

STEP 6 - Optional steps

By now most probably your video will be on first page of google. There are few extra steps you can do to improve your rankings and link juice. You have to create a website on web 2.0 and embed your video there. The more webpages you will create, the more your video will rank. Don't worry there are free and doesn't requires much time.

Start with these web 2.0 sites:

1. Wordpress
2. Blogger
3. Squidoo
4. Blog.com
5. Webs
6. Live Journal

Create a webpage with your main title and embed your video. Always choose the sub domain related to your video. Create a list of all the webpages and ping them so that Google can know that your webpage is live. You can ping your webpages using this free tool - pingomatic.com

I hope you were able to rank your videos on first page of Google. You are welcome to write your question/query in the comment section below and I will surely answer them.

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